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Next to Normal will be the first Broadway show to be presented in a disruptive 100% new format.

Next to Normal, the show that revolutionized Musical Theater a decade ago, is premiering this summer 2022 in Barcelona with its 100% immersive format. Del Campo Global, Layers of Reality and Barcelona Grec Festival coproduce this new version of the musical that will combine live performances and immersive projections.

Its authors, Brian Yorkey and Tom Kitt adapted the book creating a 60 minute version for a 20000 square foot venue where actors and audience will be sharing the same space.

With no scenography, nor props, an impressive surround system, and 360 degrees projections over the walls and floor, the audience will experience the story alongside the actors in close proximity.

Collaborating with Yorkey and Kitt, British director Simon Pittman will take a completely new approach to the storytelling for this contemporary Pulitzer winner book. “I hope this immersive experience will intensify the brilliance of the original and offer a thrilling new perspective to the story“, Pittman says.

Once again , Alice Ripley will feature in this physically and emotionally challenging role. “Tom and Brian’s beloved Next to Normal, in this new perspective, will make a dramatic soulful impact on the human hearts present. Next to Normal exists to help us find the light” says the Tony Award winner star.

Andy Señor Jr, Jade Laurel, Eloi Gomez and Lewis Edgar complete the live cast.

This time, the psychiatrist will be virtual, with Adam Pascal facing this role.

Under Tom Kitt’s supervision, music director Tommy Mayer Wolf will bring new textures to this sophisticated score that travels from classical music to rock and roll.

“No doubt Next to Normal is the kind of story that can be empowered through this immersive experience for the level of intimacy and direct connection it establishes with audiences all around the world”, says creative producer Pablo del Campo, who brought this innovative idea to the authors.

As part of the Barcelona Grec Festival, world premiere of Immersive Next to Normal will take place at IDEAL Digital Arts Center of Barcelona, the European incubator art center where global exhibitions are created and produced for icons like Frida Kahlo, Dalí, Klimt or Monet as well as for emerging artists and cultural pushers. “Broadway meets immersive” says IDEAL, Digital Arts Center’s leader and executive productor Jordi Sellas. “This experience will immerse us into the story giving a new depth to our senses and emotions like never before” concludes.

Opening July 2022. Tickets on sale since April 27th. Waiting List

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